woman kickboxing class

What happens in a Women’s only Kickboxing class?

These women’s only classes are designed to teach you real Kickboxing skills while putting you through a great workout!

This kickboxing class for ladies will focus on teaching you how to Punch, Kick, Knee, and Elbow. Kickboxing is a complete body workout with special emphasis on improving Cardio and Strength.

Every class has a different focus so that it remains fun and interesting, you also leave every session feeling a little more confident from your new skills.

Forget being bored on a treadmill or not being motivated to exercise, these classes will have you motivated, interested and have you picking up some valuable self defence skills.

What equipment will you need?

The only piece of equipment you will need, are Boxing gloves. If you have a pair bring them along, If not, we supply gloves in the Gym that you can borrow.

Do you have contracts?

No we dont, we have no joining fee’s, no cancellation fees and no lock in contracts. Our membership process is very simple and our membership prices are pretty amazing. A Women’s membership will cover your monthly classes in Women’s Kickboxing, Women’s Combat Fitness and Strength classes, and Mixed Boxing.

Where are you located?

Visit us at Contact and take a look at our Google map.

Can I try the class out?

Of course you can, for Free! Contact us below and book your Free trial lesson in.

Book me in for a FREE trial session!