Mixed Martial Arts Classes

Mixed Martial Arts Classes are classes that will have you learning the best MMA training techniques and exercises. Our classes are 45min-1 hour classes that combine Kickboxing, Boxing, Sambo, Wrestling and BJJ to teach you the popular sport of MMA while adding some self defence training as well.

What happens in a Mixed Martial Arts class?

MMA is made popular by the UFC, but don’t worry, you won’t be prepared to fight in the UFC in these classes. This is a class where you will learn all the skills and approaches to be well rounded in Mixed Martial Arts and also learn the self defence aspects of it. These classes are a great Fitness and Strength workout as well.

What makes our MMA Classes special?

You will be learning Mixed Martial Arts from one of the longest running MMA gyms in Western Sydney and Sydney. Our coaches have competed professionally, trained many professional fighters and amateur fighters, our coaches have experience including former UFC and ONE Championship. Most importantly, all of our coaches are passionate in sharing their knowledge and experience while keeping the classes fun and safe.

What equipment will you need?

You wont need any specific equipment to begin, although, as you pick up your training more you will need special MMA gloves that our coaching staff will recommend. All other training equipment is provided, such as Thai Pads, Focus Mitts, Skipping ropes, etc.

Do we require previous experience or fitness level?

Classes are open to all levels of experience and fitness.  Our classes are Mixed classes for Men and Women.

Our Memberships

We have no joining fee’s, no cancellation fees and no lock-in contracts. Our membership process is very simple and our membership prices are great value.

Where are we located? 

Visit us at Contact and take a look at our Google map.

When are MMA Classes conducted?

Take a look at our timetable.

Can I try the class out?

Of course you can, for Free! Contact us below and book your Free trial lesson in.

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