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Forget the Cardio Machines! 5 great reasons for Women to start Kickboxing classes

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Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts classes are growing in popularity, and are quickly becoming the exercise of choice for many Women who love exercise. If you are a woman who has ever thought about a Kickboxing class before and is a little unsure, we wanted to give you 5 great reasons to jump in on a Women’s Kickboxing class at one of your local reputable Martial Arts Gyms.

1. Self Defence-

 Kickboxing is not just for fighting in the ring. Participants can apply the techniques and movements to their self-defence skills. This is the greatest ‘health’ benefit of these type of classes, to be able to protect yourself and loved ones.

2.Cardio Kickboxing-

Ideally, a great Kickboxing class will teach you elements of self-defense and increase your cardiorespiratory health. The base movements that you will learn include, Kicking, punching, elbowing, kneeing along with the other exercises provided by the instructor will have your heart rate up for most of the session.

3.Combination of Cardio, Resistance and Strength training-

A great Kickboxing class can save time in your exercise routine. Combining Resistance, Strength training and Cardio. It will have you improving muscle tone, flexibility, posture and Strength. Most classes will add pushup’s, situps, planking, squats and many other bodyweight exercises that are extremely beneficial, it’s not high tech and fancy, but it definitely does the job! Did you also know that one 45 min class could burn up to 500-1000 calories due to its intensity and movements?

4.Confidence and Mental strength-

When you are in a Kickboxing class, expect to be pushed a little harder physically and mentally. Sometimes you feel like you can’t do another set of exercises or maybe you don’t understand the technique or coordination behind it, yet, you will get through it and feel great after it! This repetition will create a positive habit forming feedback loop. You will gain more confidence and self-belief after every session and eventually, the challenge is a welcomed part of each session. Many participants of Martial Arts classes say this is something that crosses over into their everyday life. It has to be one of the greatest aspects of Martial Arts training!


You will meet some great like-minded people who are positive, encouraging, excited to learn and get fitter. When you go to a regular fitness gym, you don’t have as much interaction with other users or class participants. In a Kickboxing class in a Martial Arts Gym, you usually have to partner with someone in a class and train with various other class members. Exercising always becomes a little easier when you have some friends or meet others with the same ambition and focus as you.


There are so many great benefits of Kickboxing classes for Women and we could go on for days about it! The next best step if you are interested in checking a class out is to find a great local Martial Arts based Gym.

Why did we focus on ‘Martial Arts Based’? There are many Women’s Kickboxing classes out there, and most likely if it’s at a large franchised fitness gym, it will be a certified aerobic Kickboxing instructor who hasn’t got proper experience or technical knowledge. You will learn real and effective Self Defence skills from an experienced Martial Arts Instructor, your risk of injury will also drop significantly with an instructor that can teach you all important elements of punching, kicking, etc. You also find that many Martial Arts Instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you as they have dedicated their lives to it over many years and that will make your class experience a lot better.

If you are in Sydney and interested in learning more about Women’s only Kickboxing classes or any other classes, like Women’s Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts. Visit us Here or send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions or recommend some classes for you.



Classes available for booking are on Monday at 8pm or Wednesday at 8pm. *booking is essential*

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