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Expert advice that you can share with your child who is confronted by a bully!

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Teaching your child Martial Arts when defending themselves against a Bully or using it to instil confidence is great, Although, it’s not the only action that can be taken to prevent your son or daughter from being bullied. There are some great tips out there from Psychologists and experts, some of which we will share below.

Please note, We train many great kids in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defence classes, we know that no situation is black and white or will have a perfect answer to prevent bullying. These tips are compiled from our research and observations.

  • Talk to your child, some children do not want to bring up that they are being bullied, it is important that you bring it up or have someone who is mature and older help them open up and share their problem.


  • Avoidance! Now we know that it is not easy for a child to walk away from being bullied and this is also a little more complicated with Cyber Bullying. It is important to let your child know that being picked on is not okay and not character building, they should attempt to walk away and adapt to the situation as much as they can. 


  • Humour and Assertion. Attempted light-hearted humour may defuse the situation or using stern commands ‘Back off’, ‘You should leave me alone’. Stern commands are recommended more for Girls. Some bullies might see this as very threatening and may actually tone down their behaviour. You can help your child come up with a set of verbal comebacks using humour or assertion that can be used against their bullies.


  • Encourage your child to focus on building friendships, these strong support networks may deter bullies in person. A bully will find it difficult to continue when they don’t have support or the observers are not on their side. You can encourage this by inviting their friends over or arranging events that might create more socialising.


  • Even if your child is not getting bullied, Teach your child the importance of empathy and knowing how a bullied child or person can feel. This can help against future bullies and also is a good trait for children to develop in the formative years.


  • As an adult, you should intervene at many points by discussing with the school, teachers, parents, etc. It is important for a child to know they are supported and it is the adult’s role to make sure this behaviour is not tolerated. Never expect children to figure it out themselves, sometimes this does not happen.


  • Encourage your child to develop self-confidence. Self Confidence is one of the greatest weapons against bullying, encourage your child to play sports or get involved in skill-based activities where they can develop a skill, find an outlet for frustrations, and build some self-confidence. Martial Arts and in particular Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be very helpful, we have seen many situations be resolved from a child learning and becoming more confident through our classes.

If your child needs assistance against a bully please do not hesitate to contact us or take a look at our Kids Martial Arts classes

These are some of our tips, Have you got any great advice for other parents who are reading this?

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