Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a Martial Art system that focuses on teaching you how to grapple standing and on the ground. In our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes you will learn to hold and lock your opponent up, manipulate their body and joints, along with many other useful self-defence movements.

What happens in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes?

BJJ is a fun and challenging sport that is always evolving, there is always a new technique to learn and it is one of the most addictive Martial Arts around! Our Brazilian jiu jitsu classes in Australia are for Men and Women over the ages of 17.

It is a 1 hour class where you will learn techniques and then get to try them out in a safe and fun way against other members of the class.

What equipment will you need?

We do use the BJJ Gi (uniform) and No Gi (shirts and shorts) in our classes, this ensures you get a well rounded experience in learning Jiu Jitsu.

We stock our uniform within the Gym. If you don’t have a uniform and hoping to get started without it, dont stress! We aren’t one of those BJJ gyms that demand you purchase a Gi and Rash guard within the first week, our aim is to get you on the mats training and having fun.

Do we require previous experience or fitness level?

No definitely not! We all start somewhere and you can work at your own pace. Our Coaches and more experienced BJJ practitioners will assist you along the way.

Do we offer BJJ Gradings?

Yes we do! We will also let you in on a little industry secret…many BJJ schools charge grading Fee’s of up to $100, we do not do this! The instructors promote you Free of Charge with our structured grading system and based on your performance.

What makes our BJJ Program special?

Our coaches have been training BJJ for over 10 years each and had vast experience training and learning around the world from the best of the best. They also have experience in Sambo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo and Folk Wrestling along with some who competed in MMA Professionally. This is great if you are hoping to get a well rounded BJJ program that will have you learning how to handle yourself standing up and on the ground with the understanding of real world/self defence use.

We also have been one of the most long standing and experienced gyms within Western Sydney which means you get lots of guests visiting from overseas and locally who train and share their knowledge.

Our Memberships 

We have no joining fee’s, no cancellation fees and no lock-in contracts. Our membership process is very simple and our membership prices are great value.

When are our BJJ classes?

Take a look at our timetable.

Where are we located?

Visit us at Contact and take a look at our Google map.

Can I try the class out?

Of course you can, for Free! Contact us below and book your Free trial lesson in.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes

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