amazing mma transformation

Amazing MMA transformation

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Congratulations to Aldo who underwent an amazing MMA transformation! Aldo also fought last week in his first Amateur MMA fight in Canberra. During his 22 weeks of the Wimp 2 Warrior program held at Martial Arts Development, he has achieved a total weight loss of 16kgs and quit smoking. His journey, commitment and hard work have been inspirational to everyone around him.

It wasn’t the fairytale ending for Aldo that night as he came out with a loss via decision. MMA is an amazing sport but also can be a tough sport at times, over the 6 months Aldo has had some highs and lows in his training, yet conquered them all while achieving amazing transformative results. That night he conquered another moment, stepping in that cage and pushing himself as hard as he could and to keep pushing even when his body feels like it can’t! That’s what it is to be a Fighter.

Great Job Aldo! We are all immensely proud of you, your journey and your match  

If you would like to learn more about the 22 week program, Contact us 

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